*🇮🇩 •The Concept Of Building Basic Structure Of The State and How To Manage Distribute Social Justice In Human Life• 🇮🇩*

TEMPOJAkARTA.COM-Ethics politics seem inseparable from human civilization because is one the fundamentalist parts of human paradigm and is difficult to separate.

If politics is understood as a match war justify all means will certainly give birth to politicians who are hungry for power (demoralization) Politics is in essence as an effort to produce justice political ethics as a whole.

The results obtained first purpose of a country is to realize and maintain goodness politics with goodness namely ethics.

Politics is the most important science the most exalted thought which includes many good that all sciences serve it.

Politics cannot be given to politicians or political sciensists, ethics as human basic attitude that can be agreed all citizens in the state.

“Politics its best is a noble quest for good order and justice”.

*Fact politics tradition held the main aim to be control of official power within a constitutional order !!!!!*

#Riko Lesiangi#
#Golkar Party Young Politicians#

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