Mr.gariand djemat entrepreneur the next generation of djemat family

TEMPOJAKARTA.COM-contrast, considering that when he
studied abroad in the United States,
he could earn up to 500,000 USD
per year.
So he returned to the United
States to pursue a Bachelor of
Science degree while working
here and there. He was working at
a Chinese restaurant while doing
an internship at Merrill Lynch
Wealth Management. He was about
to start working as a manager in
a paint company there when his
father passed away unexpectedly.(24/3/23)

He returned to his hometown and
established several businesses,
including a canteen and a reflection
therapy center, while also managing
office space rent at Plaza Gani
Djemat. In terms of career, the latter
turns out to be his ultimate passion.
Gariand comes from a big family
of 9 siblings, and they were faced
with a big obstacle in the 1998 crisis.

“My dad died, leaving quite an
amount of debt, but we, as his kids,
are able to grow the asset, reduce
the liability, and reach full equity.
That is our biggest achievement,”
said the father of three.
Gariand is currently retired from
the family business, but he still does
business on the side, primarily in
the automotive and cigars industry.
Most importantly, he dedicated his
life to the Almighty. He is currently
continuing his master’s degree in
theology, something he has long

He wishes to become an
Indeed, being useful to others is
his main goal. For this, he is inspired
by the movie Schindler’s List, which
revolves around someone who
saves the lives of 1,200 Jews during
the Holocaust. Other than that, he
also loves to read the story of many
characters from the bible.
He also aspires to see Indonesia
become a powerful country. “I
want to see the Indonesia Gold
2045 vision come true. But for
personal achievement, I just want
to be closer to God, kids, serving
others, and maybe to see my
grandkids,” he said at the end of the

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